Sep 07, 2017
Leiden, NL
W/eric vloeimansScheltema Leiden, NL
W/eric vloeimans
Sep 15, 2017
Amsterdam, NL
W/eric vloeimansBIMhuisAmsterdam, NL
W/eric vloeimans
Sep 16, 2017
Uden, NL
W/eric vloeimansTheater Markant Uden, NL
W/eric vloeimans
Sep 23, 2017
Rotterdam, NL
W/eric vloeimansDe DoelenRotterdam, NL
W/eric vloeimans
Sep 28, 2017
Zoetermeer, NL
W/eric vloeimans Stadstheater Zoetermeer Zoetermeer, NL
W/eric vloeimans
Sep 29, 2017
Leeuwarden, NL
W/eric vloeimansDe Harmonie/Hothouse Redbad JazzLeeuwarden, NL
W/eric vloeimans
Oct 22, 2017
Zeist, NL
W/marius beetsFigi Hotel TheaterZeist, NL
W/marius beets

Licks & Brains Radio


On tour with Eric Vloeimans

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From September on Licks & Brains will be on tour with Dutch trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, playing both pieces by Eric - arranged for Licks & Brains - as typical Licks & Brains tracks featuring this remarkable trumpet player. Venues include Bimhuis and De Doelen, for a full tour schedule check the agenda!


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Licks & Brains: NU-Jazz XXL

Licks & Brains are a Dutch 18 piece Soul/Funk/Jazz big band directed by Rolf Delfos, recording artist of over 100 records and one of the leading alto-players in the Netherlands. Licks & Brains has recorded 4 albums, recently toured in China, and performs with top-artists from the Dutch Jazz/Funk scene. Licks & Brains just finished the recordings for their latest album “NEXT!” featuring Defunkt’s lead singer and trombonist Joseph Bowie (USA).



Create your own custom vinyl record with songs by Licks & Brains through Vinylify

Choose from the catalogue, create your own cover and a one-of-a-kind record

will be hand-made in Amsterdam and shipped to any place in the world. 


For information or bookings contact Ton van der Kolk @Music & More.

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T: +31(0)78 – 6136799  |  C: +31 (0)625 – 528199  |  M:

To get in touch with Licks & Brains directly, drop us an e-mail at, or send us a message using the form: